Welcome to ReinventionU – When It’s Time To Be You!time for change

Have you ever felt like you were a robot?
Like every day you were doing what other people wanted.
According to other peoples agendas, calendars, schedules
Is it time for change?

Is it time to ┬áTRY… something new?

T – Time To
R – Reinvent
Y – Yourself

That sounds scary? Oh!…Yes!
Will it challenge you? Every fiber of your being…Yes!
Will you discover new things about you? Only if you are willing to do whatever it takes…Yes!
Is it worth it? Yes!, Yes! YES!!!

Because if you do not TRY something different,
You are doing the same thing and looking for a different result,
which by Einstein’s Idea is insanity…

Insanity:- “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result” – Einstein

Remember 1 Thing…
Zero Changes Till You Change!

You are the captain of your ship!
You are the pilot of your plane!
You are the hero of your story!

Waste of Time?
If you are like a person in the latest research,
where 70% of adults felt their work was a waste of time.
Trying something different may be important for you.
Because it may be time for you to make a difference.
Because it may be time to impact the world.
Because it may be time to leave a legacy.
Because it may be time to do what really matters.
Because it may be time to experience living life!

How many things do you need to change?
You don’t need to change anything…
Just Exchange 1 Thing Today…
Let’s face it, we are all limited by time – 24 hours in a day…
We all only have $x amount of income… unless we are will to do something else.
We all only have x amount of energy in a day.

So it’s not time to change anything…
It’s time to Exchange something…
Substitute one thing for another…
Bad habit – choose a different activity.

Learn something new…
Stop watching TV for 1/2 an hour a night and Exchange it for
learning a new language for 30 minutes.
Sitting watching media for an hour – going for a walk and watch while you walk.
Stay at home – Explore a Country.

It’s the little things in life that make the big difference.
What you choose to focus on.
What you choose to say yes too.
What you choose to say no too.

TRY Today!
Try something different today!
Begin Your Reinvention…Join the ReinventionU Community Today!

Remember You are Extraordinary!

Annie Born
ReinventionU – When It’s Time To Be You!