Meet Annie Born

annieListen as I tell you a story…

At 15 I achieved my dream job, to be a clerk typist in the public service.

For years, I lived my live according to someone else’s agenda, calendar, expectations.

Yet in the quiet moments, when I was free to connect my heart…

I knew there is something more,

a deep longing inside me,

to follow my heart,

to discover my dream,

to reach my full potential.

to understand my story.

I know when it’s not enough to live an mediocre ordinary – ho-hum life.

To live life indifferently,

on automatic,

just to pay the bills,

just for the money,

and shutting down my emotions,

day after day,

just to get the job done.

I got to the point, where I got sick,

and my doctor finally advised me,

I could no longer work in that job,

that I knew was slowly killing me.

Yet when I started to research,

in a survey 70% of adults are in jobs,

they feel are a waste of time.

I started to wonder…

How can so many people be living lives of,

not following your heart,

not following your dreams,

shutting down their emotions,

just to get through another day of work, they don’t like…


I decided it is time for me to stand up.

Because I am enough to be a gift.

Because it is worthwhile work to change the world.

Stand up for my dream,

Stand up for my heart,

Stand up for my potential,

Stand up for making a difference.

It is time for me to follow my heart’s desire.

It is time for me to reinvent my life, because I’m worth it!

To discover my dream and live my daring adventure!

It is time I start my reinvention now!

So I created the ReinventionU Blueprint

7 Steps to help you discover you dream.

To begin to live your daring adventure.

Because You Deserve It!