Time To Reinvent You

So Is It Time To Reinvent You?

I closed one eye this morning and tried to touch my husband’s nose.Reinvent You
I missed it totally.
I tried again this tim adjusting for change and
you guessed it missed and got the other side of the nose.

I realised I had lost perspective.
So often when we are in the middle of something challenging we can loose perspective.
And totally miss the mark we think we are going for.
Yet what is important is being open with both eyes.

So when is it time to reinvent you?

Great question…

Let’s look at 5 questions to help you consider this question…

  1. So are you happy in your job? – (do you have job satisfaction?)
  2. Do you feel you have a future? you are looking forward to?
  3. Are you doing worthwhile work?
  4. Are you using your skills and talents or are you being squashed and minimised (hope not)
  5. Are you making a difference in the world? (it’s all about contributing)

1. So Are You Happy In Your Job?

Do you enjoy what you do,
In the most part,
Yes there will be parts of every job you may not like but that is life.
Overall do you feel you happy with what you do?

My husband is a master craftsman and he loves what he does
working with the different species of wood and
transforming the timber into amazing masterpieces.
Some people may say, but isn’t there a lot of sawdust.
When I first met my husband and asked him what he did,
He said I make big heaps of sawdust out of wood.

When he was a little boy he wanted to make things
Not big things like houses, smaller things.
Now years later he still does what he said he wanted to do
Even though he is grown up.

Compare that with a job I did
Which felt like it was slowly killing me to the point
I wasn’t happy in the job.
It got to the point where my Doctor advised I give up the job.

2. Do You Feel You Have A Future?

Do you feel you have a future in your job…
Is it going where you want it to go.
Or are you happy just doing what you do without looking forward
That’s ok too.

Just some people look further ahead and look for security.
In a world where security isn’t necessarily there.
Often the only safety gap is in what you do and prepare for as an individual.
Not waiting for other people, companies, departments to control your future.

3. Are You Doing Worthwhile Work?

Do you feel you are doing worthwhile work?
Besides giving you an income at the end of the week
Do you feel what you are doing is worth doing, and worth doing well?
Or are you simply filling in hours
Not becoming alive with what you doing
Perhaps even shutting down your emotions so you can get the job done.
Looking forward to the weekend, holidays, breaks?

4. Are You Using Your Skills And Talents?

Are you using your skills and talents in your work environment.
Yes there are times for hobbies where you can use all sorts of different skills and talents.
Discovering a job that allows you to be you is important.
When you are in a job which isn’t valuing your unique skills and talents.
You can feel more like a robot a human doing and not a human being.
You may be shutting down your emotions to make work happen.
If you are start looking for something which can be more challenging for you.

5. Are You Making A Difference?

So are you making a difference in what you do?

We all love to contribute it is one of the drivers of life.
Making a difference is important for us as humans.
When we pass by this place again can we see what we have created?

What will we say to our loved ones if we don’t make the changes in our live
And don’t make a difference…
How will it help the next generation from our experience.
How will it help other people with our story….?


So Is It Time To Reinvent You?

Only you can answer that question…
Don’t change in a moment,
Prepare for change, start applying for jobs or
Begin that home based business in your spare time.

Be all you were born to be…

Be Amazing!

Annie Born